2019 - 2020 NNE Club Information - Please see the Neal Calendar for specific club dates

2 Legit 2 Quit

Students will be the spirit team for their house every Friday.  This team will help set-up Family Time, assist students with finding their Houses, and lead dances.  Students must be dropped off at 7:20 a.m. for this club.

Grade Level: 4th Grade (16-24 students)

Sponsor: Coach Smith

Art Club

Students will participate in very detailed, in-depth art projects designed for higher skilled students.  Students will be selected based on behavior, focus during art class, and skill level.  Mrs. Michael will inform participants of specific dates. 

Grade Level(s): 4th Grade (10 students, participants chosen based on performance in Art)

Sponsor: Mrs. Michael

Basketball Club

Students will practice ball handling skills, dribbling with each hand, shooting with correct form, and most of all, having fun!

Grade Levels: 3rd and 4th grade (20 students)

Sponsors: Ms. Goodner and Ms. Sipho

Battle of the Books

Students will read 5 different books and compete to answer comprehension questions.  During club days, we will discuss the chapters read, act them out, and answer questions, Participants will be notified on specific meeting dates.

Grade Level(s): 3rd and 4th Grade 

Sponsors: Mrs. Norris, Mrs. Hudson, and Mrs. Ketcher

Caldecott Reading Club

Students will see how illustrations play an important role in creating books.

Grade Level: K-2nd grade (20 students)

Sponsors: Mrs. Norris, Mrs. Strange, and Mrs. Irwin

Cheetah Choir

Cheetah Choir is a group of 3rd and 4th grade students who meet once a week during the fall and spring semester. Students have the opportunity to perform various places in and out of school including many district events.

Grade Level(s): 3rd and 4th Graders

Sponsor: Mrs. C. Smith

Coding Club

Students will be exposed to the basics of computer coding.

Grade Levels: 3rd and 4th Graders (25 students)

Sponsor: Ms. Simmons

Craft Club

We will create various hands-on crafts that can begin during club then take home and enjoy.  Dues: $5 for supplies.

Grade Level(s): 1st and 2nd Grade (20 students)

Sponsors: Mrs. Hohman and Mrs. Strange

Drawing Squad

Students will engage in a step-by-step approach to drawing in which the teacher guides the students in the steps to create a drawing:

Grade Level: 1st Grade (20 students)

Sponsors: Mrs. Cooper and Ms. Crisafulli


Green Thumb Club

Students will learn all about gardening and plants.

Grade Levels: 3rd and 4th Grade (15 students)

Sponsors: Mrs. Hohman and Mrs. Saxton

Math Pentathlon

Students will sharpen their higher order logic-based math games to compete with schools from DFW area. Dues: $10 for shirt. $42 for competition on March 23rd.

Grade Level(s): K - 1st (16 students) Sponsor: Mrs. Taylor and Mrs. Villanueva

Grade Level(s): 2nd - 3rd (16 students) Sponsor: Mrs. Kawar


Multicultural Club

The students will learn various cultures and customs of the world. The club will be structured so the students focus on one continent per month. The first meeting, we will learn about the language, traditions, geography, etc. of the selected continent. The second meeting we will create a craft or game related to a country in the continent. 

Grade Level(s): 1st and 2nd Grade (20 students)

Sponsors: Mrs. Romero and Mrs. Hohman


Neal Ambassadors

Neal Ambassadors are the student body representatives that will assist the campus' communication/outreach efforts and serve as hosts for special visitors to the campus. Students will receive training and practice in public speaking to passionately represent our Cheetah pride. Specific meeting dates will be communicated with participants.

Grade Level(s): 3rd and 4th (5 new spots available. Participants chosen based on interview.)

Sponsors: Ms. Carswell

Neal Cheer Team

Students will learn basic cheer motions, chants, and cheers to boost school spirit.

Grade Levels: 2nd - 4th grade (25 students)

Sponsor: Mrs. Williams 

Nancy Neal News Crew

Students will tryout at the end of the 3rd grade school year for the Nancy Neal News Crew.  Students will be responsible for recording and delivering daily announcements to the students and staff at Nancy Neal Elementary.

Grade Level: 4th Grade

Sponsor: Mrs. Norris 

Photography Club

Students will learn the basic functions of digital cameras and basic photography skills. Student would need to have access to a digital camera. 

Grade Level: 4th Grade (15 students)

Sponsor: Mr. Barnum


Students will use the EV3 robotic equipment to build robots and program tasks for robots to complete.  Fourth graders will have the opportunity to participate in the regional competition in January.

Grade Level(s): 3rd and 4th Grade (24 students)

Sponsors: Mrs. Barham 


Running Club

This is a club for you if you love to run!  We will run outside around the campus and even inside the building!  There will also be some fun Plyo exercises and games that you'll love! Athletic shoes and clothing are necessary.

Grade Level(s): 1st - 4th Grade

Sponsors: Ms. Crisafulli, Mr. Williams, and Mrs. Barham

Sign Language Club

Students will learn basic American Sign language (letters, animals, colors, etc.).  Students will also learn a song using sign language. 

Grade Level(s): K - 4th (25 students)

Sponsors: Ms. O'Flaherty


Students will conduct a variety of engineering challenges and science experiments. 

Grade Levels: Kindergarten and 1st (20 students)

Sponsor: Mrs. Romero

Watt Watchers

Students will take responsibility for our school in making sure it is energy compliant.  This will take lace during their computer time during CAMP.  There will be a few before school meetings for this club.  Participants will be notified of meeting dates. 

Grade Level: 4th Grade (10 students)

Sponsors: Mrs. Barham and Ms. Simmons