Student Arrival and Dismissal- Parking Lot Clarifications

For student and staff safety, the parking lots in the front and back of the school are not drop off areas.


  • The Front Parking Lot is reserved for parents that are parking in a parking space, getting out, and walking students to the door. 
  • The Back Drive is for parents driving through to drop off students. Parents must remain in their vehicles as to not interrupt our drop off process.
  • The Back Parking Lot may not be used for drop off. Parents cannot park in the back parking lot and walk students to the back door.


  • Our dismissal process is generally quick. To maintain this, we ask that parents remain in their vehicles. Parents are encouraged to have students practice opening and closing the car doors. If you have a need to assist your child, you are welcome to pull into the parking lot after your child is in the car. Doing this will ensure that all families are able to pick up their child/children in a timely manner.

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